Thursday, January 10, 2013


Seven blogs? Am I crazy? Maybe. But there is a method to my biblio-madness. Each blog serves its own specific purpose. And only six of the blogs are active. And I post to only two of them on a monthly basis.

Let's take a look at each blog:

My Sentimental Library:
A monthly blog for writing about my books and book collections, with particular emphasis on the association copies in My Sentimental Library Collection. This is my most popular blog drawing over 850 page views per month (over 1500 2500 page views per month in 2013).
First Post:  Oct 05, 2009  An Unexpected Find in Umatilla, Florida
Most Popular Post:  Changing Bookplates:  Multiple Bookplates of Famous People Note: In July, 2013, Maureen E. Mulvihill List of Online Work became the most popular post.
My Favorite Post:  A Virtual Tour of My Mary Hyde Collection

Biblio Researching
A blog for posting my research of books and other bibliophilic matters.
First Post: October 28, 2007 Researching a G. B. Hill ALS
Most Popular Post: My Elements of Style Collection
My Favorite Post: A Correction to the Copyright and Bibliographic Records of The Elements of Style

A monthly blog on how a bibliophile connects with other people in the book world. It is also about how I evolved from being an avid reader to becoming an enthusiastic book collector, and then to becoming a raving bibliomaniac. I will change the format in 2013 from dated entries to monthly summaries.
First Post:  July 05, 2011 Biblio-Connecting

Contemplations of MoiBibliomaniac:
A blog  for posting my contemplations: Random thoughts and reflections on my bibliophilic adventures, and on book collecting in general. Randomness will be the key for this blog. No set schedule. No set topics.
First Post:  April 03, 2004  Book Collection Offshoots
Blog Reactivated:  Dec 06, 2012  Contemplations of MoiBibliomaniac
My Favorite Post: Feb 14, 2013  Jerry Morris:  The Never-Ending Story

Bibliophiles in My Library:
A blog  for posting about the bibliophiles in my library. I began this blog in 2008 with blog posts on William Targ and Mary Hyde. But I have drifted off topic since then. No more. Look for random posts about the other bibliophiles in my library.   These blog posts will be more biographical in nature; whereas the posts to My Sentimental Library blog will be more about the collections of the bibliophiles in my library.
First Post:  November 06, 2008  Mary Hyde and the Unending Pursuit
Most Popular Post:  Mary Hyde and the Unending Pursuit
My Favorite Post:  Mary Hyde and the Unending Pursuit

The Displaced Book Collector:
I posted to this blog while I was in Hawaii and away from my library for seven months, watching some of my grandchildren while their father was in Iraq. I posted eight times to the blog and "officially" replaced it on Oct 31, 2007 with my Biblio Researching blog. Although The Displaced Book Collector blog has been inactive for over five years, it still gets about 85 page views per month. I don't foresee any extended displacements away from Florida, so this blog will probably stay dormant.
First Post: May 29, 2007 to displace: to take the place of
Most Popular Post: Among the Leaves, Fruit
My Favorite Post: A View From the Crib
Last Post: October 31, 2007 The Displaced Book Collector Has Been Replaced.

Idlewild Blue Yonder
A blog for posting about my childhood growing up near Idlewild Airport, my career in the U.S. Air Force, and beyond. I'm still posting about my childhood. But not as frequently as I'd like.
First Post: July 6, 2007 The Old Neighborhood
Most Popular Post: On Thanksgiving Day
My Favorite Post: Old Stoneface: Memories of New York