Monday, August 8, 2016

The Toad
by Elise Gravel
Reviewed by Jerry Morris

   I'm slowly adding a shelf or two of children's books in my library for my grandchildren to read when they visit.  But I may have trouble keeping this book in my library.  My wife believes at least one of the grandchildren will want to do a book report on it.

   The Toad is part of a series of books  by Elise Gravel about Disgusting Critters.  And I do mean disgusting!  Just look at the titles:  The Worm, The Fly, Head Lice, The Slug, The Rat, The Spider, and The Toad!.

But kids don't find these critters to be disgusting.  And Elise Gravel presents the toad as friendly and useful for the environment.  And she adds a little humor in the book, which will make my granddaughters laugh.  One of them will even say, "Again..."

I may have to get most of the other books in the series for my library–except for the book about head lice!  That would make me scratch my head!

Moi recommends!