Monday, February 25, 2013

On Selecting A Bookplate For My Library

Which one of these four bookplates do you like the best? I like them all. And I can't decide which one to select as the bookplate for my library.

Bookplate #1:

Bookplate # 2:

Bookplate #3:

Bookplate #4:

Bookplate #4 is a "first draft" without a bookish background which displays images of Samuel Johnson, William Shakespeare, and Mary Hyde, three authors whose books I collect. The fourth image is of Yours Truly. If I choose this bookplate, owners of my books thirty years from now may wonder who that fourth person is. And I will chuckle up above.

My Books About Books Collection is, by far. my biggest book collection, containing over 900 books. I have designed a separate bookplate for that collection.

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