Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Scout's Report: My 70 Years in Baseball
by George Genovese with Dan Taylor.
Reviewed by Jerry Morris

I loved playing baseball as a kid. I loved watching my kids play baseball. I loved umpiring baseball games:  Little League, Pony League, High School, Mexican League.  I love watching baseball games on TV.   I love going to baseball games. And I love reading books about baseball.

This book, A Scout's Report:  My 70 Years in Baseball, is one of the better ones.  From Page 1 to page 244,  you will witness George Genovese reliving and breathing baseball, first as a player, then as a manger, but mostly as a baseball scout.  44 of the players George Genovese signed became major leaguers and, when you read his book, you will find out which ones went on to become stars.

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